Moving & Handling Competency


It is essential that staff are competent to perform manual handling activities appropriate to their role. Carers must achieve a minimum level of competence is assessed during training and MUST be assessed in the workplace by their manager/Moving and Handling Trainer.

It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that their carers are provided with opportunities to develop their level of competency through training and supervision in the workplace by a competent person.

Where there is concern about ability of the carer, extra training and support must be organised to ensure that standards are achieved to meet the competencies in this training booklet.

Level 1 - Has minimal knowledge and no experience of manual handling techniques.

Level 2 - Has minimal knowledge and experience of manual handling techniques, still requiring supervision.

Level 3 - Demonstrates knowledge of manual handling techniques and applies these safely.

If competency 1 and/or 2 is achieved, the following courses of action are recommended:

Level 2 - The member of staff may continue to perform this manual handling activity only under the supervision of a competent member of staff.

Level 1/2 - The member of staff should refrain from this manual handling activity at work. Other action may be necessary.

Level 1/2 - The member of staff should re-attend for training before performing manual handling tasks/this manual handling task.

Competency Statement:

A suitable sufficient and safe system of work must be in place before attempting any moving and handling manoeuvres.

The carer undertakes the task whilst reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their activities.