Dear all,

Christchurch Cares are looking to introduce guaranteed hours in order to offer more financial security to our Staff Members. This offer will be available to every Staff Member.

The Scheme:
We will guarantee paying you 80% of your available hours regardless of whether we are able to give you those hours or not. For example; someone who gives a 40 hour a week availability will be guaranteed to receive a minimum of 32 hours pay per week, even if their hours fall below that number. (This will be calculated as a weekly average over the 4 week payroll periods).

Scenario: A Staff Member has an availability of 30 hours per week, but due to a high number of hospital admissions, they have only worked an average of 20 hours per week during a pay period. At the end of the pay period they would receive an additional 16 hours pay, bringing their weekly average up to 24 hours. This top up would be paid at the Staff Member’s standard weekday rate of pay.

Please note this scheme will only be offered when the following terms apply:

1. You will be required to give availability of at least every other weekend (or every Saturday or every Sunday each week).

2. Your weekend availability must make up at least 20% of your total availability hours over a fortnight period. e.g. 80 hours of availability over a fortnight must include a minimum of 16 hours of weekend availability.

3. Your availability must contain a minimum of 2 weekday evenings per week.

Christchurch Cares reserves the right to remove this guarantee from a Staff Member if they hand back work on 3 or more days over a rolling 12 week period. Refusing work that is within your availability will constitute a handback of work.

If you are interested in this scheme but your availability does not meet the requirements, please click here to submit a new availability.

Guaranteed Hours Terms & Conditions

Guaranteed Hours Scheme - Declaration