360 Degrees Staff Appraisal - Joe Hadfield (Administrator)
Dear Carer,

Dupe and I will appreciate your honest feedback on the interpersonal skills of our office staff. This process is confidential (submissions come direct to us) and should only take 5 minutes each, however it can only be useful if you please carefully and fairly think through your answers.

Kind regards,


Joe Hadfield (Administrator)

How will you score his/her ability to:
1. Communicate effectively in English verbally and in writing (text or emails)? *
2. Communicate politely and courteously? *
3. Communicate solutions to your work-related queries in a helpful and professional way? *
4. Listen effectively, acknowledging your ideas or opinion? *
5. Feedback with sensitivity if they are unable to solve your query? *
6. Prevent conflict when your views differ? *
7. Use the information you communicate in a professional way respecting and observing confidentiality? *
8. Communicate in a way that is supportive and instils confidence? *